“The mission of American Freedom Fund is to empower Veterans through our athletic, educational, and advocacy programs in Washington, D.C. and across America.”

Donald R. Bramer – Chairman, Board of Governors
American Freedom Fund


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This weekend’s #REDFriday outdoor concert and fundraiser with Chipped & Broken was a HUGE success. Thanks to all our #AFFPatriots, families, friends and allies who came out to support our #Veterans #GetOffTheCouch #AllAreWelcome https://t.co/RlAQ9gyyFC AFFVeterans photo

DID YOU KNOW it’s #REDFriday? DID YOU ALSO KNOW that our AFF Gaiters double as a headband, mask, balaclava, tube top and (very) mini skirt? Donate $10 at https://t.co/qhSdk6w8JX and we’ll send you one - then you send us pics of you wearing it - preferably as a skirt. #AFFPatriots https://t.co/zVj1uTfyA0 AFFVeterans photo